Do you

There is a solution

"Hassle-free personnel"

That consists of:

Quality staff recruitment

Tools for simple and accurate decision making


Possibility of adjusting the candidate profile in the process

Price starts at 1300

payable in instalments for each stage completed

With its help, you get

Professional, quality personnel

That completely meets your requirements

In the shortest
time possible

Without any
hassle or worries

Unlike seemingly similar proposals

You get the best results simpler and faster than any other option

This is all thanks to the

strong team with solid recruiting experience in 29 countries

53 finely tuned business processes aimed at achieving the desired result

use of modern technologies to ensure the quality of search and selection

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Where do we work

While our headquarters are in Estonia, we have extensive experience in recruiting personnel for companies in more than 30 different countries, both domestically and internationally. So, regardless of your location, you can trust us to find the right staff for your needs!

Tartu, Estonia
+372 53 35 85 85

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